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Server Security

(Berlin Server only)

Qualys SSL Labs Rating A+

We hardened the server with all what is technically possible, currently.

        • The server supports "HTTP Strict Transport Security" with long duration.
          More to this you may read HERE
          You can verify this HERE

        • The server is not vulnerable to the "Heartbleed attack"
          More to this you may read HERE

        • The server is not vulnerable to the "OpenSSL CCS vulnerability" (CVE-2014-0224).

        • Email tansport via SSL/TSL is encryptend with "Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)", TLSA/DANE.
          More to this you may read HERE and HERE

Because this Qualys SSL Labs rates the server security to A+

Verify HERE and HERE

What this means for our customers (both, endusers as well as resellers) ?

If you use the right settings for your Web access (connection/login to cPanel, WHM, Webmail by Web Browser, and Webdisk), and also for your FTP access by your FTP client or Browser, and for your Mail client for receive/send your emails, you can be sure that between your PC and our server is a secured connection, no other can spy, copy, fiddle or manipulate any.

Nowadays more and more important for private and business live.

What you need to watch:
  1. You access to cPanel by https://idns9.com/cpanel ONLY
  2. You access to Webmail by https://inmar.idns9.com/webmail ONLY
  3. You connect by FTP client via SFTP => Port: 5351 ONLY
  4. You connect by Webdisk by Port:2078 ONLY
  5. You connect by POP3 via SSL/TLS Port: 995 ONLY
  6. You use SMTP by SSL/TLS Port: 465 ONLY
Because HTTP Strict Transport Security and Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) no other access is possible, and the server switchs automatically to this if the connecting user tries to access different.

If the Browser / Email client / FTP client this does not support (old versions) no connection will be established..

In case of variations to other sites of 1st€uro is this page the decisive site. 2015-06-18